Welcome President Patrick

President Nick Pane

Patrick Docherty was installed as the Camberwell Rotary Club’s 62nd President for 2017/18. It was a family affair for Patrick. who thanked Immediate Past President Nick Pane for ‘steering the ship’ safely over the last 12 months. “I am a humble individual and very honoured to take on the Presidency” he said.

Special Rotary guests included now Past District Governor Neville John and his wife Rebecca, Past District Governor Don Jago and Margery, Assistant Governor Jonathan Shepperd and Elizabeth. And of course, the Docherty and Pane families were there in force. It was an entertaining evening with good food, great company, top entertainment and a new Rotary year to look forward to.

As a vibrant Club, we need to keep moving forward, not standing still” 

President Patrick's speech:

Thank you, thank you very much for your kind welcome.

Thank you Nick for steering the ship safely the last 12 months. I am humble individual and very honoured to take on the presidency. As we all know, Rotary is held with such high esteem within the community and as a custodian of this position for the next 12 months. One thing I can guarantee is I will do my best to respect this position and will be working diligently and hopefully inspiring you my comrades to work collectively so we can make a difference.

I wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t for the friendship & encouragement from a lot of people within the club- especially Marcus & Nick and the friendship and wise counsel from Don & the confidence I got when Graeme invited me to join his board that was the pivotal moment on my Rotary Journey where I went from a dinner member to getting involved and seeing how the Rotary Machine can impact people’s lives . There is a lot to be proud of about the Rotary club of Camberwell, seriously there is... 60 strong years, we’ve had a few good presidents in that time and have fund-raised and contributed millions millions of dollars to the community. 

The remarkable thing is we do this in our spare time. I want to continue this journey and focus on developing a humanitarian project and a hands on community services project ...so watch this space As we all know, every Rotary project anywhere in the world starts with one person who has an idea … let’s develop and grow these ideas. Our budget this year is close to $200,000 so please talk to me about your passions and ideas, we can make a difference and with it, bring hope of a better life for our communities.

As a strong vibrant club we need to keep moving forward, not standing still. Which brings me onto Membership. As life around us changes, we too must continue to evolve and improve. We need to engage, retain and recruit. In Victoria 30% of people are born overseas and this percentage is higher in Boorondara, however the demographic of our club doesn’t reflect this. I want to engage multiculturalism, expand our membership & skill set …so watch this space. If we have vibrant, active club that engage people with interesting projects and we actively promote what we do in our local communities, new members will come and existing ones will stay. This is the responsibility of each and everyone one of us to make a concerted effort, we have talked about it for years, it’s time it’s time so let’s really make an effort. As I look across the room, I see many people who have adult children. Wouldn’t it be great to see your sons and daughters at a Rotary meeting and build on your legacy.

There is no better time to be part of Rotary than now! Rotary International President – Ian Risley is an Australian and member of the Sandringham Club. With the 1.3 million plus Rotarians around the world, the RI president is an Aussie. How good is that?

  • With everything that’s going on locally and around the world, our communities need us more than ever
  • Every one of you and the work you do is very important . As we do our shifts at the Art Show in the coming weeks we should be very proud knowing the funds raised will be donated to worthy organizations helping to improve people’s lives. When I think about that last statement it makes me feel really good being part of this club.

“Let’s collectively embrace in this Rotary year and focus on ‘Rotary; Making A Difference”

It promises to be an enjoyable year with a speaker program managed by new member George de Souza. The program is already filling up with interesting speakers and some enjoyable multicultural fellowship nights to look out for in August and September.

Rob Davies has enthusiastically taken on the role of on to conference and has already started organizing an Itinerary for Warnambool District conference next March.

It’s really exciting to lead the new board especially with 3 first time members.

When I call you name out can you please come forward -

Peter Gray will chair Youth services – we will be hosting the RYLA Dinner on the 7th December

Josie Tramonte will chair Vocational Services. Josie’s passion is contagious and we look forward to Josie building on the great work from Ron and his team

Murray Anderson is our new Secretary- Murray is super organized and a genuine asset to the club

BTW if anyone wants to have a whinge this year please don’t come to me, save it for Marcus next year or go to Murray

Richard Stewart will again take on the Treasurer’s role. I’m thrilled to have Richard on board – thank you Richard

Mark Hassad will again take on the herculean role of Art Show Chairman again this year- thank you Mark

President Elect & Club Service, Marcus Falay, Marcus will chair the nerve centre of the organisation looking after Membership & Fellowship.

Fabienne Nicola will look after the very important Community Services Committee

And the ever reliable Nick Pane will be our Vice President. 

As I finish up I will leave you with a quote from Henry Ford the American industrialist & the founder of the Ford Motor company "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself".

Let’s collectively embrace in this Rotary year and focus on ‘Rotary; Making A Difference’

Thank you very much

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