Saving small mountains of usable stuff from landfill.

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Pacific Islands recovering from cyclones, East Timor and African nations are some of the many places containers have been sent. Right at this moment containers are being filled for a school in Sri Lanka and a village hospital in Somalia. Cleverly the Sri Lankan bound unit includes windows and a door which will be fitted once the container is emptied providing the school with a usable office / storage space.

Remarkably staffed entirely by volunteers, across Donations in Kind’s the 18 years of operation, over 500 containers have been packed and shipped of to a plethora of destinations. That equates to about 2.5 containers per month are loaded by an army volunteers who both source and fill these voids with their live changing cargo.

In Australia Donations In Kind  busy helping out too. Not a week goes by without  Royal District Nursing Service staff arriving at the warehouse to choose mobility aids for those who are financially challenged. All items are provided free of charge

Donations in Kind is a Rotary initiative.

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