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President Nick Pane

Conochie Hall certainly has a different feel to it when it’s full of Rotarians and guests. On Wednesday we hosted the visiting GVE team from District 3820 in the Philippines and were fortunate to have a number of Rotary hierarchy present, including: DG Neville John & Rebecca,               AG Jonathon Shepherd and Elizabeth, Foundation Chair Dennis Shore and Lynda, Vocational Chair Alan Seale, President RC North Balwyn, Rowan Mclean, PE RC Canterbury, Rob Simpson, PDG and also member of at North Balwyn, Jim Studebaker and Carol, President from RC Wyndham Sue Selleck and John Nino and Bev Soffra and Cecily Neil.

Lizzie Potts,  who joined us last week, came back for her second visit! Clearly, we didn’t scare her off! Well done team!

Our guests of honour, though, were the members of the GVE team consisting of:          Team leader: Flordeliza Castro - Ampatuan and members:  Marife Barral Dapito,  Nicole Angelique Lit Sanchez, Leny Arcenas & Jerick Pecaso.

The team presented snapshots of their visit via Power-point which outlined where they were from in the Philippines, and the places they visited as part of their vocational exchanges. They certainly have had a very full schedule over the last four weeks; but, despite their full program, they prepared very well for the meeting, and spoke confidently about their time in Victoria and their many and varied experiences. The work of the GVE Committee, in particular, Alan Seale, ensured that the team was able to explore and meet with people who work in the areas they, themselves, are involved in. They have been so busy and so extensively across Melbourne and country Victoria, that they are looking forward to a bit of down time before they leave our sunny shores!

I was impressed by the way each team member delivered their presentations, but the one thing that made the most impact on me, personally, was that here, in Australia, we take so much for granted. Lzl  suggested that the whole experience was ‘perfect’ for them. We have so much to be grateful for and the interaction with the team members has highlighted this for me. At the start of my year I was asked to complete the Planning Guide for Effective Clubs and I indicated an interest in the GVE program not really knowing what I was getting involved in. I am delighted to report that I have been overjoyed with the experience and, having hosted both Liz and Nicole, has been a pleasure. 

I would also like to extend my thanks to the other host families, Pierre and Lili-Ann Kreigler, Gary Goldmith and Josie and Anthony Tramonte.

Last Sunday, The Glenferrie Road Festival was held and The Hawthorn Craft Market was part of it.  From all reports the day went well and most stall holders seemed happier than usual. Teresa Molella, Graeme Hope and David Baker were there for the whole day from 8.00am for set up until 5.00pm finish. What a Herculean effort! They were ably assisted by Peter Gray and Michael Blood.

Together with club members, I extend my sincere thanks for this amazing contribution. Well done to you all. And to top it all off, I believe we may have picked up a couple of prospective new members. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Camp Getaway, organised by Andy Spry and Steve Clarke, also happened last weekend. It was another great opportunity for a lot of hard work and good fellowship.  Ron Lear, George de Souza, Murray Anderson, Anne Hawthorne and Chris, Fabienne Nichola, Michael Blood and Robyn Mc Nair also assisted the team. I also understand that a guest appearance was made by former member, David Asher (Cooking duties in understand). The crew did a power of work and had a great night at the Axedale pub. Productivity may have dropped a little on Sunday due to the enjoyment of the well-earned drinks on Saturday night!!

Vintage happens this week with picking of Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the Yarra Valley on Monday. Then it’s back to the cellar for the CRUSH! 

Quote for the Week from the  DrSuess via the GVE Team:  “Don’t cry that it’s over, Smile that it happened!”  

Have a great week in Rotary and serving Humanity! - Nick

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