Clean Drinking Water for remote Timor Leste

Clean water is a real challenge in the developing world. With out it disease and sanitation are difficult problems to manage. Sadly this basic necessity is still a little more than a dream in some parts of in the remote Baguia region of eastern Timor Leste. Presently water is carried to villages and schools, mainly by women and children, from sources that can be several hours walk away.  Supplying water to these remote village schools and communities would hugely benefit these children and provide them with more time to sleep and study.

Step up a Rotary. A consortium of clubs in Australia and Timor Leste have commenced a 2 year project to provide and install 29 Water Tanks and construct 5 Toilet buildings (3 cubicle toilets per building) to schools and communities in this part of Timor Leste.  A total of 5 Rotary Volunteer Teams will visit the project sites six monthly for the implementation of the project. Further a WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) training program will be conducted instructing students, teachers and parents about the importance of hand washing in the reduction of water borne diseases in the region.

The Rotary Club of Camberwell is a member of this consortium.

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