Cambodian Chicken Farm

What sort of noise would 200 laying hens in Siem Reap in Cambodia make? Well it should be the sound of contentment because these hens have Australian regulation free range status. In Cambodia, a country still struggling from the decimation of their education system and educated population by the despot Pol Pot, how is it that a best practice animal husbandry exists?

In 2013 Mr Sok Samnang received a Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship which brought him to Australia for three months spending one month at the “Real Free Egg Farm” in Traralgon. Here he learned all about egg farm management and was able to return to Cambodia and, using the knowledge he’d gained, establish an egg production facility which, at present, amounts to two hundred birds.

 Traralgon Egg Sales

Sok Samnang selling Traralgon produce at a market during his 2013 scholarship.

This is a sustainable exercise providing both eggs and meat for the village. Naturally a breeding restocking programme is part of the project.

How is all this possible? What is a Royce and Jean Abbey Scholarship? The answer is Rotary. Rotary sponsored  Sok Samnang through a Rotary Royce and Jean Abbey scholarship and that brought him to Australia for three months. Rotary organised the experience setting up the stay at the Traralgon farm and providing the transport and accommodation required. 

It was a help up rather than a hand out. The chicken farm in Cambodia was financed by the Rotary Club of Camberwell.

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