Clean Drinking water for Vietnam

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It's hard to fathom how two taps can make such a difference to a village of 4000+ people in rural Vietnam, however, that's how it is.  Drinking water for the people of Kon Hodram has been sourced from a polluted river 3kms walk away. That all changed in the last fortnight with the completion of a bore and water treatment facility.

The poverty in this area can be best described here by the photo of the dwelling below. This house is typical of the homes in the live in. As you can see it is makeshift and lacks reticulated water, heating and gas. 

Apart from the convenience of having water from a tap in your village, the improvement to community health will be immense.

Another Camberwell Rotary project.

Contractor installing the bore.

Contractor installing the bore.

Water storage tank.

Taps on the side of the filtration shed.

Typical village house, no water power or gas connected. It's an illustration of poverty.

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