Feb 22, 2023
Alick Osborne
Regenerative Agriculture

Chairman: John Walmsley

Alick Osborne - Biography

Alick has been a Rotarian since 2013 when he joined the Rotary Club of Tully in Far North Queensland. He joined Rotary Chadstone East Malvern after he rerurned to Melbourne in 2015 and was President in 2018-19.

He is currently the Rotary Chadstone East Malvern Environment  Team Leader..

Alick has been CEO of Seasol since 2015.

Prior to that he was CEO of Tulliy Sugar for 3 years and earlier in his career he was an agricultural commodity trader and exporter.

In addition Alick is a Director of the Australian Export Grain Innovation Centre

He is a keen, though very amateur fly fisherman and gardener.