Brett Phillips (left) was guest speaker on 24 April 2024 recounting the events of the ‘Seeds of Peace’ a Rotary Camberwell project led by Adrian Campbell. It was to commemorate the ANZAC Centenary in 2015. 
The objective of Seeds of Peace was to commemorate the special Anzac Centenary as an important milestone, to build awareness of the Centenary, to encourage students to use this event to write peace essays, and to build youth peace leadership recognition within schools and the community.
All Boroondara secondary schools were invited to take part and 7 students were ultimately selected based on their peace essay submission to travel to Gallipoli as peace youth ambassadors in April 2015, accompanied by Rotary Camberwell trip leader Adrian Campbell and Brett Phillips supported by a government grant.
In his presentation Brett recounted the profound impact the trip had on him and the participating students. On their return a book was published to capture the event entitled ‘Seeds of Peace.’ The youth ambassadors to Türkiye were Rory Hughes, Harriet Fels, Alison Tullett, Joseph Murphy, Vignesh Alagappan, Toby Law and Zephan Hwang and their essays are included in the book.
Local whole of school commemorations took place on Anzac Day 2015, with the planting of Lone Pine trees and stone plaques. Lone Pine seeds were brought from Gallipoli and planted in Wattle Park.
In 2017, Rotary Camberwell was awarded an RSL ANZAC Peace Prize – the first time a Rotary club has received such an award at the time. The award is to recognise outstanding effort by an Australian citizen or group who has promoted the concept of international understanding and who, in so doing, has made a contribution to world peace. A picture of the Award is on this website’s image carousel above. The award was received in Canberra by Adrian Campbell and the then President Nick Pane. Adrian’s final words ‘Lest we forget – peace at home and peace in the world’ are as relevant today.
The book Seeds of Peace is now immortalised at the Australia War Memorial. 
It also exhibited at the United Nations in New York.
Another equally impressive speaker on the night was 12-year-old Jack de Bolfo, a year 7 student. In 2023, he won the Rotary Rowville-Lysterfield speech competition. The title of his speech which he replicated was titled: 'Why the ANZACs are the Most Courageous People to Ever Walk the Earth'.
Jack received a standing ovation for the powerful reflection and inspirational presentation of the ANZACs. It made this year's ANZAC day a touching and memorable one.