Firstly, thanks to Geoff McCormick for standing in for me at last week's meeting. I had a wet but enjoyable 6 day, 1800km adventure on my motorbike through the Victoria Alps up to Jindabyne, we visited the National Gallery in Canberra, rode some terrific roads around the Snowy Mountains, then home via Lakes Entrance.
It was my great pleasure to induct two new members, Yvonne Wills and Rob O'Reilly into our club. Both have been assigned to the Art Show Committee where they will bring their enthusiasm and talents to bear, and with the Show a mere 3 months away, there will be plenty to do. It was also wonderful to meet Rob's wife Soumya Shah, and welcome her into the club as well. As I stressed during the induction, it is not only the responsibility of the assigned Mentors to help new members settle in to the club, it falls to all members - it's a club-wide responsibility. So let's all of us ensure that Yvonne, Rob, Bernie, Tania and David T feel welcome and valued at every meeting.
Our Guest Speaker for the night was Rodney Richards from Angel Flight. Angel Flight is an amazing organisation which provides free flights from rural locations to enable non-emergency patients attend medical treatment in capital cities. Organised and run by the pilots who donate their time, Angel Flight run on average 20 missions per day, and each mission involves 11 hours of planning and preparation. To date they have run 45,000 flights! They receive no government assistance, and 85% of the donations they receive goes on fuel. Truly an amazing organisation, and a well-presented talk by Rodney.
Some reminders:
  • Our celebration of the Centenary of Rotary in Australia will be on 21 April - mark the date in your diary, it will be an off-site dinner, partners welcome.
  • The next playground harvesting project will be in a couple of weeks at Yarra Banks Reserve, please help when volunteers are called for.
  • And when the new playground (a club R100 Project) is complete, the Eastside and Riverside Cluster Club Presidents are planning a significant Grand Opening event involving wide community support - this will be in June/July, dependent on the installation progress. Each Club will need a club champion to assist with the organisation.
  • The Rotary Peace Summit is on-line for two half-days on 21-22 April.
  • Our Club is forming an Environmental Sustainability Committee, in line with RI's newest Avenue of Service
  • Please support Jo-Anne and volunteer regularly for a shift at the Camberwell Sunday Market. Please give up your time on Sundays to do a minimum of 4 half shifts (3 hours) per year - and who can't do a 3 hour shift? Remember this is one of our three main fundraising activities, but it needs your regular support. When she rings, say yes!
That's it from me, have a great week in Rotary.