All Rotary clubs around the world elect a new club president around the end of the Rotary year on 30 June of each year. Rotary Camberwell is no different and the ‘Changeover’ took place on 12 June 2024. For the first time in the club’s history, the current president, George de Souza will be serving as president for two consecutive years. Some of the highlights of the changeover follows.
Firstly, President George reviewed the primary goal of 2023-2024 goal and acknowledged the success of re-engaging the local community by initiating one new project in each of the Avenues of Service (
Another focus of the president has been to increase membership and volunteering for the purpose of increasing the club’s impact in the community. This has also been successfully achieved with 9 new members joining the club.
The President also acknowledged significant milestone member years of service:
Richard Gray – 45 years,
Frank Leigh – 45 Years, 
Geoff Heath (pictured left) – 40 years,
Neil Hookey (far left) – 35 years,
Graeme Hope (right)– 20 Years,
Fabienne Nichola – 15 Years,
Jo Anne Tamlyn – 15 Years,
Jeevan Vasimalla – 15 Years,
Andrew Hunter – 5 Years (Rotary Camberwell only),
Patty Laufenberg – 5 Years and
Joe Yeh – 5 Years. 
A Paul Harris recognition ( was presented to Michael Blood (left), the club’s longest serving member who will complete 48 years in October 2024. The recognition is specifically for his outstanding commitment and contribution over the year. He is a fine example of ‘Service above Self’. 
Two other club members, Patrick Docherty (right) and Fabienne Nichola (below), were recognised with club service awards for their contribution to club related activities. 
The President introduced the new 2024-2025 Board (below) who will head each of the club’s avenues of service and achieve the new year’s goals.
With an emphasis of continuing with existing goals, a key initiative is the introduction of the John and Audrey Scholarship. This is to honour revered, long standing member John and his wife Audrey who are both recently deceased. The Scholarship will be provided to Camberwell High School who will award the scholarship to a worthy student each year. It aligns strongly with John’s passion to support education.
The final word from the president is to reinforce the Rotary International theme for the 2024-2025 year ‘The Magic of Rotary'. He stated: ‘Rotary over the years has made what seems impossible happen, so let’s continue to do what we do best!'