There have been many significant achievements in 21 years: DIK have a new Store, new equipment, and an increased capacity to assist our stakeholders to help others. We also wish to highlight achievements over the last 21 years and thank the people and organisations who have made this possible. Donations in Kind operations in other states conduct similar activities. Rotary’s involvement in this area started over 50 years ago and in 1987 Donations in Kind was established as the nation-wide Rotary project. 
Achievements to date:
Thank you to the Volunteers
Thank you to our Donor Organisations
Thank you to our Financial Supporters
Thank you from everyone who has been helped by DIK’s donors and volunteers
Rotary Donations In Kind Making a difference in lives around the world For more information or contact Laurie Fisher or Bob Glindemann Phone: (03) 9315 1544 Email: Shed 39, 400 Somerville Road West Footscray VIC 30