Volume 65 Issue 37                                                    April 28th, 2021
April's Hawthorn Maker's Market is this Sunday
It's on again - the Hawthorn Maker's Market!  Buy something unique for your loved ones, or for Mother's Day, or ... even just for yourself.  Great quality hand made products, meet the makers, browse over a coffee, buy a tub of the popular local organic honey. Don't wait too late in the day, or you'll miss out!!!  
ESRAG's first RCC meeting Weds 28th April
Did you know - Rotary now has an Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG). ESRAG is an international organization with 14 directors and almost 1100 members from over 57 different countries. I am very excited about ESRAG’s impact in assisting Rotary clubs, Rotary Districts and Rotarians worldwide in planning, implementing and evaluating service projects, building awareness, and inspiring action to promote environmental sustainability.
We have a very active group in our region of the world called ESRAG ANZPI (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands). I am inviting you to have a look at our website to see what we are doing:
We need people like you to get involved and TAKE ACTION. We would like to know and share what you as an individual and your Rotary Club are doing to improve the environment. Whether it is helping your club or joining a project as a volunteer, ESRAG ANZPI is here to assist you in solving the Environmental Challenges our world faces in communities around the world. You can see existing project stories on the ESRAG ANZPI website  An example of one of these is shown below for you.
We are actively working on growing our membership in ESRAG and in our Chapter. Our membership costs are quite low, starting at US$30 for a regular membership or US$100 for a contributing membership and I am asking District 9810 Rotarians who care about environmental sustainability and global climate change to consider membership using this link:
Thanks, and all the best,
Fabienne Nicola
2021 R I Virtual convention - save the date
May Rotary updates
May is.....
Every month in Rotary has a special purpose. 
Refer to your Club Directory if you are planning an event to correlate with the Rotary Calendar.
May is also National Myeloma month in Australia.
May is National Myeloma Month - and for the Rotary Club of Camberwell, our ROMP project.
ROMP - the Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program - is our Club's Centenary year project, in collaboration with Myeloma Australia.  Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer, of no known cause, which affects approximately 2000 Australians every year.
This RC100 accredited project is designed to provide access for all people diagnosed with Myeloma in Victoria to have easy access to a Myeloma support nurse and support group, run in-person or via virtual means.
Our club ROMP committee are pleased to report that all 9 jurisdictions across Victoria, supported by local Rotary clubs, are now linked into this excellent program.  And this week, their "38mate" program was launched - checkout the photos below!
Attending a Myeloma support group meeting can take ... just 38 minutes, allowing those in need to access the expertise of a Myeloma support nurse, and others affected and living with Myeloma
If you haven't yet received your copy of the ROMP newsletter, ask Adrian Campbell or Peter Allen for a copy.
Rotarians against Malaria
In April 2021 Rotarians in Australia are hosting this event that challenges you to walk, run, swim or ride 4km on Malaria Awareness Day to represent the over 400,000 lives lost to malaria each year. Please sign up and donate!
  1. Plan your 4km walk/run/swim/ride on or close to April 30th
  2. Share with friends your “Fun Run to Eliminate Malaria”
  3. Ask your friends to join you or donate towards your (walk)
  4. Register and donate your collections via
  5. Note if your friends need a tax deductable receipt, you need to register separately using the friend’s name
  6. Please take a photo of yourself doing the challenge and send to us, to share on our social media. Thank you! Enquiries
 Baguia Region Flood Relief - Timor Leste, April 2021
On Thursday evening the 8th April we received advice that the township of Baguia and its surrounding villages in the mountainous area of eastern Timor Leste had been very badly affected by torrential rains which had also caused major flooding in the capital, Dili.
Most of the population in the remote Baguia area live a subsistence lifestyle and their food crops had been very badly affected by these exceptional storms. Worse still a bridge on the only road into the Baguia region had collapsed whilst a small truck had been crossing it, resulting in the loss of a local school teacher. 
A food shortage had resulted in an increased demand for rice which had risen in price beyond the level of affordability of the local villagers.
The RC of Camberwell in conjunction with Consortiums of other Rotary Clubs has been engaged in WASH Projects in the Baguia region for several years, constructing School Toilets and installing Water Tanks.
During these projects we have worked from time to time with another group of Rotarians from Western Australian lead by Max Bird from the RC o Kwinana (D9465).
Over many years Max has developed a very close working relationship with the Don Bosco Organisation in Laga on the north cost of Timor Leste and we knew that he had 2 utility vehicles which he garages with them. 
Max readily agreed to make use of his contacts in Timor Leste and we each agreed to contribute $2,000 toward a $4,000 Food Rescue package.
He confirmed the situation in Baguia with Ms Leo Guterres, our local Coordinator in Baguia, who is also the principal of St Josephs High School, a Community Leader and a member of the Rotary Passport Club of Melbourne.
Despite difficulties due to electricity, mobile phone and internet outages, Leo was able to provide a list of required Foodstuffs and other necessities to Brother Tomas, the manager of the Don Bosco owned Timor Roofing Co in Baucau who offered to purchase the required Aide Items on our behalf in Baucau.
Father Rui at the Don Bosco Centre in Laga made their tip Truck and driver available to transport these Relief Goods to Baguia, where they were unloaded into the Community Centre in Baguia next to the Sub-District Administrator's office and the Police Post, ready for distribution to those in most need by Ms Leopoldina and the Sub-District Administrator, Snr Antonio dos Ramos
The very bad condition of the road into Baguia and the weight of the rice and other goods necessitated splitting the goods into two truck loads with the first being delivered on Thursdays the 15th April and the second being delivered the following day.
The total cost the of Relief Goods which included the 3 tons of bagged rice and many other items, ended up costing USD $4,926 which is to be shared equally between our two Rotary Clubs. 
We did not wish to use any of the "2020 Timor Rotary Consortium" funds in this Relief Effort and the RC of Sydney Cove has very generously offered to contribute $1,000 to our share of this agreement.
Enclosed are some photos of the overturned truck & collapsed bridge and of the Relief Goods being unloaded in to the distribution centre in Baguia.
Speed was of the essence in dealing with this matter and we wish to thank Max Bird and the RC of Kwinana for making the best use of their contacts as well as Father Rui and Brother Tomas from the Don Boso Organisation and Ms Leopoldina Guterres for her tireless work on behalf of her community.
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