Volume 66 Issue 20                                                  8th June 2022
President Patrick's Musings
Rotary friends and friends of Rotary
When you serve to change lives, your actions today can help extend the lives of others.
The count down to the Art Show is on with the final touches getting finalised before we take over Swinburne on the 20th June for 15 days. Next Wednesday will be the Art Show briefing night a MUST attend so everyone knows how to successfully complete their role and support the Art Show committee
A big thank you to John Walmsley who did a Stirling job as speaker Co Ordinator and finished the year on a high with an excellent speaker from WEHI Professor Stephen Nutts, it was great that 4 members of their team attended the club meeting and they delivered an informative presentation on multiple myeloma.
I received an email from club member Peter Steven letting me know his ongoing health issues has limited his involvement in the club and he has decided he will not be renewing his membership
  • Important upcoming dates
  • Wednesday 7th July Club Changeover @ Amora – bookings now open
  • New member inductions for Trish O’Hara & Nadia Hamilton have been scheduled for this Wednesday the 15th June
Have a good week in Rotary
Patrick Docherty
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Patrick Docherty
President 2021-2022
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Camberwell ROMP visits Bairnsdale
Camberwell ROMP visits Bairnsdale
‘...when they say “Bairnsdale Sunrise”, they really mean it.’

One of the great pleasures of Rotary life is our easy access to other clubs anywhere in the world and to know that a warm welcome and great fellowship will be waiting.
That’s how it was when we (ROMP team members Peter Allen and Alan Lorenzini) visited the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale Sunrise for their club meeting on Wednesday 8th June. We drove down on Tuesday to be greeted for dinner by President Sue Chapman, Vice-President Anne Cross and President-Elect Geoff Carpenter. It was a great welcome.

Now when they say “Bairnsdale Sunrise”, they really mean it. We were in the meeting room at 6.30 AM on Wednesday for their punctual start at 7.00 AM. An especially nice touch in their meeting is the reading of the Rotary Four Way Test. (Perhaps we could do this in our own club?)

We were there to present our ROMP program and our vision for the future of the initiative.  “Every myeloma patient in regional and remote Victoria needs and deserves the same support that is available in Melbourne.”  In particular we invited their club to join us in ROMP, an invitation that we felt confident that will be taken up when we announce the next ROMP Forum within the next few days.

Bairnsdale Sunrise is a vibrant and active club. We enjoyed it all and we look forward to welcoming them to ROMP.
Peter Allen and Alan Lorenzini receive a club banner from Sue Griffiths (“Dentist Extraordinaire”) at the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale Sunrise.
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