Volume 68 | Issue 41 | 8th May 2024

We gather together on the lands of the traditional custodians, the Wurundjeri people. We pay our respects to all of Melbourne’s First Peoples, to their ancestors and Elders, and to our shared future together.


Club Meeting Conochie Hall - Wednesday 8th May
Our speaker on the evening was Karin Knoester – President of Myeloma Australia. Karin provided an update on the work that Myeloma Australia is doing and challenges they are facing. For example, they are not winning at a Federal level. The Department of Health recently advised that Myeloma Australia would not receive any funding out of a funding pool for specialised cancer telehealth services totalling AUS$36.4m.
However, on a positive note the involvement of high-profile individuals such as Sandy Roberts, Geoff Browne, Andrew Pridham and activities such as My Greatest Call lunch, My Greatest Walk and a potential Collingwood v Swans game mean that people are becoming more aware about and talking about Myeloma.
Our seventh full member for the year David Chu was inducted on this night. David attended his first club meeting 20 March 2024 from a website enquiry.
David is married with 3 children, an older son and twin son and daughter.
He moved to Australia about 5 years ago and has revelled in the Australian way of life particularly the strong sense of community which was lacking in a centrally controlled country.
He started as Principal/Director of Quantum Education his tutoring business in Camberwell due to a strong interest in helping others to grow. He has also co-founded a non-profit community language school in Camberwell as a board member focused on youth mental health.
He actively participates in other local services and events including volunteering for the Camberwell Sunday Market with Balwyn RC and the local Lions Club.
More information about David will be on our website and his heartfelt induction acceptance speech is detailed in full in this bulletin.
Let us continue to work together, to take action to create hope in the world and in our local communities.
Bunnings BBQ!! 
On Sat 11 May, Camberwell Rotary ran another successful Bunnings BBQ fundraiser event at Bunnings Hawthorn.
We enjoyed perfect weather and the day proved that we Aussies love a sausage sizzle.
Not only did we feed Bunning's customers, we also catered for passers-by. The smell of frying sausages and onions even attracted two elegantly dressed ladies who were on their way to a social event.
This hugely popular event raises funds for the Club, of which 100% are donated to the charities and organisations which we support.
It may have been a cold (but sunny) day at the May 5 Hawthorn Makers Market. But there was a warm and relaxed atmosphere with many of our stallholders displaying a 'mum in mind' selection of locally made goodies such as crafted jewellery, various ceramic and pottery offerings plus a varied range of fashion items, accessories, beauty and health products, photography plus toys and postcards.
A number of our outdoor vendors continued to focus on a range of delectable treats including barista made coffee, scrumptious scones, yummy crêpes and so forth. And to add to the outdoor atmosphere, classical guitarist Alejandro Aquanta strutted a variety of well known tunes which were perfect for the occasion.
The attendance was good. Everyone seemed happy. And we'll do it all again on-
SUNDAY 2ND JUNE from 10-3 at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. 
Come along and support one of the Club's significant monthly fundraising events from March-December. You just never know what you might discover!
New Member David Chu Acceptance Speech
I was so taken by David’s acceptance speech post his induction so I asked him if I could publish it in the bulletin and he agreed. Please find his speech below.
President – George de Souza
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
I am deeply honoured to stand before you today as a newly inducted member of the Rotary Club of Camberwell. I am truly grateful to join this great group working hard to make a wonderful world.
As an educator, my passion has been to inspire young people and encourage them to unlock their full potential, helping them shape the future. In joining Rotary, I find a natural alignment with the values and mission of this organisation. The slogan, "Create Hope in the World," truly speaks to me, as it echoes my commitment to empowering others to envision and build a better tomorrow.
I want to share a bit about my background. My wife, Tinna Shen, is the most important person in my life. We have three lovely children. Tommy is in year 11. Emily and Ethan are both in year 7. They are my source of strength and motivation. We migrated from China to Australia, seeking a brighter future filled with opportunities and growth.
Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. This drives me to work toward creating a community where everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has an equal chance to succeed. As a community member, I am eager to participate in local activities and contribute my energy and efforts.
Rotary Club provides a unique opportunity to get people together, to share our skills and talents, and create lasting change. It is a privilege to join this community, where every member is driven by a spirit of service and a shared purpose.
Thank you for welcoming me into this wonderful Rotary family. I am excited about the journey ahead and the work we do together.
Thank you.
David Chu
2023 Timor Rotary Consortium WASH Project
Greetings Fellow Consortium Members and Supporters,
In our last Update issued on 16th December 2023, we advised that a mandatory Scoping Team visit to eastern Timor Leste had been carried out earlier by Vijay Susarla and Justine Paragreen, and that we had lodged our application to The Rotary Foundation for a Global Grant in respect of our Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) project.
Global Grants are not easily obtained and there are a number of protocols that have to be satisfied before they are granted.  Thankfully we were able to meet these requirements and I am pleased to advise that last month we received confirmation that our Application had been approved by Rotary International and that we were authorised to begin drawing on the Project's Funds for the purchase of materials and other necessities. 
At this point we wish to thank Steven Sundstrom, The Rotary Foundation's Regional Grants Officer based in Chicago (USA) and back in Australia, Grant Hocking and Ian Slattery who are District Foundation Chairs for Rotary Districts 9800 and 9560 respectively, for their generous support with District Designated Funding (DDF) and for their assistance in bringing our application to a successful conclusion.
You will recall that our objective is to instal 20 Galvanised Water Tanks and to construct 4 School Toilets each with 3 cubicles in remote villages in eastern Timor Leste. Our plan is to complete these works together with appropriate WASH Training during the next 2 years.
To this end we have ordered and paid for 5 Galvanised Water Tanks from the previously Rotary owned Timor Roofing & Training company in Baucau. These will be manufactured very shortly and delivered to their respective locations where local villagers will provide their labour free of charge to construct stone Tank Stands using rock and sand & cement purchased by our Consortium.
A list of 5 more new locations for Water Tanks is awaited from our principal in country co-ordinator, Ms Leo Guterres, as well as advice of the agreed location for 2 new School Toilets. When this information is received funds will be provided for these contract works which will complete this year's construction work.
This year's Wet Season is still producing heavy late rains in the mountains of eastern Timor Leste, but it is hoped that this will not prevent this year's construction targets being reached. 
Working in conjunction with our "2024 Consortium", the RC of Sydney Cove has very generously donated funds for the construction of a 3 cubicle Toilet at Laveteri Primary School near Baguia and in a week's time is sending a 4-person Volunteer Team to work "hands on" in this project which they have sponsored.
This is a magnificent gesture on their part and one which we encourage other Rotary Clubs to consider. 
Further Updates will be provided as the Project proceeds.
We thank you most sincerely for your support of this worthwhile project which does much to create international good will and understanding.
Kind Regards
John Walmsley
All Rotarians are invited to attend the Open Day for Rotary Donations in Kind on Saturday 10th August 2024
Donations in Kind West Footscray, is a volunteer-based recycling facility and is part of Rotary’s Donations in Kind Network, a project of Rotary Australia World Community Service, (RAWCS.)  It is a specialist operation that focuses on recycling goods with 85% of the goods processed being redeployed and just 11% sent to process recycling. 
Donations In Kind processes goods donated by the corporate sector and distributes the goods through Rotary clubs to those in need wherever they are located, both locally and internationally.
We have also developed partnerships with several hospitals, aged care homes, schools and other suppliers who donate new and outdated stock to us.  Rotary clubs then use this stock to fulfill projects in developing countries.
We would be delighted to welcome you to the store, participate in a guided tour with one of our senior volunteers, and participate in the formal opening ceremony at 11am.
As we are planning for several forms of catering, we would like everyone to please register through the link below. There is no cost to attend.
Wednesday 15th May – RYLA Participants
Wednesday 22nd May – Speaker - Huy Truong – Thrive
Topic - Giving refugees a helping hand to become self-sustaining
Wednesday 29th May – Speaker – Speakers - Graeme Hope
Topic – Regionalization Update
Sunday 3rd June – Hawthorn Makers Market
Wednesday 5th June – Art Show Sponsors Night
Wednesday 12th June – Change Over Dinner
Venue - Greenacres Golf Club, 51 Elm Gorve, Kew East
Topic - The Kid from Calcutta - Second Innings
Time:  6:00pm start
Welcome drink, 2 course dinner, and fabulous entertainment as we celebrate another good year at Camberwell Rotary Club
Collectables Showcase at Menzies Malvern
Collectables Showcase at Menzies Malvern
May 15, 2024 11:30 a.m. - May 15, 2024 1:30 p.m.
Menzies Malvern
1306 High Street
Malvern, VIC Australia
Come along and support our Art Show Sponsor KEYTON (formerley Lend Lease Living) at this delightful FREE Community Connect event presented by Abbeys Auctions. Lunch will be provided, and a brief tour of the Menzies Malvern facitites will be available for those interested.

This is a delightful event where you can bring along any family heirloom, curio or antique and have the professionals from Abbeys Auctions appraise it.

And Keyton will show their appreciation with a $500 Gift Card for the Club providing we have sufficient numbers (12 minimum) attending, so please support this initiative.
Art Show Volunteer Signup Lists - What are my Commitments?
You will by now have received a number of emails advising you how to sign up for the activities which you undertook last year for the Art Show.
If you are available, please sign up and if you have any issues or questions please contact Alan Lorenzini.
Volunteers Needed: Camberwell Art Show 2024
Hi All,
Your help is needed!
Your help is needed as volunteers for this year's Camberwell Art Show!
This Invitation to volunteer is for Event 3 below “PAINTING HANDBACK TO BUMP OUT”.
As stated in the previous email, this Year, we have divided the Sessions of the Camberwell Art Show into three sections.  They are:
1.Bump in and Set up to Gala Opening
2. Open to Public
3.Painting Handback to Bump Out
In time, each of you will receive an email for each of the three Events above.
This year, the Art Show Committee has changed the format for seeking your assistance throughout the show, with the roster and volunteering.
We will be using the same roster as last year, altered to accord with the corresponding sessions this year. That is, if you were on (for example) session 7 last year, you will be the corresponding session this year.
So, the times, the operation, the duties etc that you did last year will be identical this year.
This also applies to partners. We have rostered partners onto the same corresponding sessions as last year, as well. 
I would ask that you click on the link in your email which will take you to the “sign up list” that I have prepared already based on last year. 
If you and your partner are happy with the list that we have noted, you need do nothing more.
If you want to change or increase the number of sessions that you or your partner are noted on, click on the red cross adjacent to your name and that will delete you from that Session; or if you want to include your name into another Session, then click on “sign up” and include your (or your partners names).
Remember, it is expected that each of you will sign up to between 6-12 sessions for the whole show.
Also remember, that this is the first of three invitations that you will get, as noted above in Red, so don't look to fill up all of your sessions on this one event.
Also, there will be members/ partners receiving this email, who weren’t around last year and so who have not been rostered on.
I would ask that you (and if appropriate, your partner) click on the sign up link in your email and follow the instructions above.
Finally, I remind you that this is our big fund raising event for the year (along with the HMM and the Camberwell Market) and so the Committee asks that you keep that in mind when you are considering the sessions that we have booked you into.
On behalf of the Camberwell Art Show Committee I would like to thank you, again, for you contribution to the roster, and ask that if you have any queries on this matter that you contact me.
Alan Lorenzini
Operations Manager
Camberwell Art Show - Hand Back, Bump Out
Jun. 30, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. - Jul. 02, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.
Jonathan Oppy 402 085 454
Swinburne University, Advanced Technologies Centre
427 Burwood Road
Hawthorn, VIC Australia
ClubRunner Corner - CSM Roster

Camberwell Sunday Market - Volunteer Roster

Have you ever wondered which Sunday you have been allocated to? Can't find the email from Alan?
Then look no further! This new widget has been added to both our website Home Page - it's at the bottom of the right-hand column, right under the 3 most recent Bulletins. And it will be in each Bulletin as well. Just click on the blue "CSM Signup List" link. It's that simple - try it!
Murray Anderson


May 2024
5th May
 George De Souza/Jessica Wat
 Geoff McCormick/ Victor Wang
12th May
Murray Anderson/ Lindy Anderson
Darren Li/ Justine Paragreen
19th May
Yvonne Wills/ Alan Lorenzini
Nav Murinatna/ Daya Govinder
26th May
Steve Clarke/ Patrick Docherty
Geoff Heath/ David Troon
May 24 – Youth Service Month
May is Rotary International Youth Service Month, when the focus is on young people and the development of the next generation of leaders. Under the leadership of Youth Service Director Adrian Campbell, the Rotary Club of Camberwell has been highly active in supporting and nurturing youth, including offering two Year 11-12 scholarships at Camberwell High, securing a District Grant for a Year 11/12 student at Canterbury Girls Secondary College, and supporting the attendance of four Youth Leaders at RYLA.

Up Coming Events!! 

The combined Rotary Districts in Victoria are honoured to be hosting Rotary International President Gordon McInally at two different events in June.
RI President Gordon has been a strident advocate in promoting Mental Health initiatives that help communities and individuals rebuild their resilience.
We are also delighted to advise that Professor Pat McGorry AO a psychiatrist known worldwide for his development and scaling up of early intervention and youth mental health services, will be joining us to compliment RI President Gordon.
The first event is on Sunday 2 June, at the RACV in Cape Schanck, 12.00 noon for a 12.30pm start, tickets are: $95 pp (plus booking fee) incl GST for 2 course lunch, $1,200 for Rotary or Corporate Tables of 8 with naming rights.
This is an amazing opportunity to meet the RI President in person and to hear of his passion in helping our youth, individuals, and communities.  
Please book using the following link:
The second event is a Community and Leaders Breakfast on Monday 3 June at the Frankston Arts Centre with tickets costing $38 per person.  The keynote speaker will be Professor Pat McGorry AO. 
Please book using the following link:
Invitation - Guest Speaker RIPE Stephanie Urchik at Rotary E-Club of Melbourne
Good morning all,
We'd like to extend our invitation to each of your clubs to join the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne for a very special guest speaker, RI President-Elect Stephanie Urchik, who will be joining us on Wednesday 12th June at 9PM AEST.
Our meeting will be held on Zoom, with the details below, and also in the attached image which you can use in your bulletins, if you'd like.
Date & Time: 
Wednesday 12th June 2024 at 9PM AEST (Find Your Timezone
Meeting ID: 313 497 0027
Passcode: 970027
We'll also be sharing the details on our Facebook page tomorrow, making it available to any Rotarians who wish to join, but wanted to share this with you and your clubs first, especially given its auspicious timing at the end of this particular Rotary Year.
With the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne transitioning to the new E-Clubs Community Group made up of clubs across Zone 8, we especially wanted to emphasise both links to our new collaborators across the Zone, and our close and continuing friendship with the clubs of the Batman Cluster, which has been our home for many years, and with whom we look forward to continuing to serve .
Stephen Sennett
President, Rotary E-Club of Melbourne (D9800)

m: +61 0404 325 980 | e:
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