Volume 65 Issue 38                                                  May 5th, 2021
President Murray's Musings - 5 May 2021
May is Youth Service month. Sometimes a chance connection leads to an amazing result, and we had this fulfilled on Wednesday night.
A young Harry (nicknamed Barney in true Australian fashion) Schooley was a Rotary Youth Exchange student hosted by our Club in 1963 and in 2021 reached out and contacted us, offering a set of photographs from his year in Australia (that's him in the middle of the photo).
Secretary Fabienne and I realized there was so much wonderful Club history here that it deserved a wider exposure to members, so we suggested a Zoom presentation at a weekly meeting - in spite of the time zone difference given Harry lives in a suburb of Buffalo, NY. Not to mention the complexities of a hybrid Zoom meeting where Harry's presentation should be visible and audible to the members in Conochie Hall as well as for the Zoomers at home.
In spite of a 4:30am start for Harry, and a couple of nervous breakdowns on my behalf running the Zoom meeting, technically the presentation went off well. We had Jeevan, Jim, Sparkey Clarkey as well as Ian Feder in Sydney and Conochie Hall full of members - it was one of our higher attendances for a weekly meeting. And Harry did not disappoint: his combination of the most amazing collection of photos with his laconic delivery held the audience spellbound, the only interruption being oohs and aahs at the images of 60 year old Camberwell and Melbourne (quaint cars, uncluttered skylines), as well as Sydney (just laying the foundations of the Opera House), Perth and the outback. He made us laugh describing how Doug Jennings in Central Queensland allowed Harry to take the controls of the property's aeroplane, even inviting him to land it!
Harry clearly was an excellent ambassador for the United States, and just as clearly benefited hugely from his experience in Australia. He had high praise for his host families and Camberwell members, many of whom were recognized and remembered fondly by our senior members. Subsequent to his Australian experience, Harry married his childhood sweetheart, went on to a lifetime career in education, and is (I would like to think) the man he is because of Rotary and the Youth Exchange program. Thank you Harry for a truly memorable presentation.
Speaking of history, and following on from our outstanding Rotary Centenary dinner as well as Harry's presentation, we as a Club have 2/3 of a century of history. I would like to see all Club records and physical items of historical significance collected, digitized and presented (and preserved) on our new website. I would also like to record oral histories of all senior members and retired members, and once again have them preserved on the website. If anyone is interested in taking on this role please contact me.
The Art Show Committee is now in top gear, with their right foot flat to the floor. To make the Show a success requires the whole club to assist by volunteering over the period 5 July (Bump In) to 20 July (Bump Out), so please keep these dates clear - there will be a Roster circulated soon so you can see what roles you are able to volunteer for, on what days and at which times. And to the 25 Club members who do not yet have their WWC (Working with Children) Card - please take the 5 minutes to apply on line, then a quick visit to your local Post Office for a photo and you're done! It's not only required for the Art Show, it's now a District requirement, and to not have a WWC card may leave the Club financially liable in the case of an insurance claim.
The Rotary Victoria Virtual Multi-District Conference was held last weekend, and included a physical Showcase of Projects at the Hyatt Essendon Fields on there Saturday. The Showcase of Projects was amazing, the dedication of members impressive. And to top the day off, the Rotary Club of Camberwell was awarded one of only two District Recognition Awards in the area of Community Service - and it went to our Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program, which is also a Rotary Centenary program. I proudly accepted the Award on behalf of Peter Allen, Adrian Campbell and the ROMP Committee, and we should all be very proud of this group and what they have achieved.
That's it from me, have a great week in Rotary!
What is Romac??? 
Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children is a combined Australian and New Zealand multi - district Rotary initiative.  
Started in 1988, after a Rotarian and a group of surgeons visited Fiji, they saw a need for restorative surgery for children, creating healthier outcomes for children and families from the Southwest Pacific.  
The specialist surgery is performed here in Melbourne, and other medical centres across Australia, whilst engaging the child and their family into the local Rotary community, with Rotary clubs funding all levels of support required. The surgery may be one of a course of operations, and it may be some weeks to months for the children to endure.
ROMAC has no paid staff, nor office rental, and is operated entirely by volunteers.    Volunteers in the island communities of the Southwest pacific organise the medical checks, passport and visa applications, enabling families get on the plane in time.
The pediatric surgery can be life saving, dignity restoring and generally not accessible for these children in their native country.
ROMAC is a non for profit organisation now comprising many different types of volunteers from plastic surgeons to those who just want to open their homes and offer a welcoming home for families for the time of the surgery.  Re assimilation back into their home communities is an important part of the recovery, and the before and after photos Jill and Betty showed us at our meeting on 27th were breathtaking.
Every day, somewhere in Australia or New Zealand, a Rotarian or ROMAC supporter performs a voluntary act of kindness and support for one of ROMAC's patients.  Fascinating & inspiring stuff...
If you would like to donate, you can give to "Romac Australia", BSB 633000, Account number 154008676 - remember to enter your name when donating for reference.
Alternatively you can organize your own fundraiser or send a cheque to: ROMAC, P O 779, Parramatta, NSW 2124
 Jill Oliver and Betty Kitchener presented to our club a couple of weeks ago.
Cambodian Well Water & Sanitation Project No. 10
(from Lyndon Joss, chair of International Service Committee)
The Cambodian Water Well Project team, supported by the Rotary Club of Camberwell and a District 9800 Foundation Grant, has successfully completed Project No. 10 comprising the construction of a block of two new toilets and the repair and maintenance of a block of three old toilets. Hand basins were installed to encourage hand hygiene. Running water was also connected to the toilets and hand basins.
This ensures greater sanitation and hygiene for the staff and students at this school. In turn reduces school absences due to disease. Girls can also attend school more readily during menstruation. This accords with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 6 that strives to ensure access to water and sanitation for all humans.
There are currently just over 200 students at the school. Experience has shown that more children attend school and they attend more often when adequate toilet facilities are provided. 
We expect the number of students at this school will increase as a direct result of this project. This project has ongoing benefits for the students of this village to increase their educational standard thereby helping liftthemselves and their families out of poverty. 
A further report in one year will be provided after visit to ensure the facilities continue to function. This will enable carrying out any repairs that are needed. The funding for this ongoing work is critical for sustainability and improved health and welfare of village children.
2021 R I Virtual convention - save the date
May Rotary updates
May is.....
Every month in Rotary has a special purpose. 
Refer to your Club Directory if you are planning an event to correlate with the Rotary Calendar.
May is also National Myeloma month in Australia.
May is National Myeloma Month - and for the Rotary Club of Camberwell, our ROMP project.
ROMP - the Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program - is our Club's Centenary year project, in collaboration with Myeloma Australia.  Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer, of no known cause, which affects approximately 2000 Australians every year.
This RC100 accredited project is designed to provide access for all people diagnosed with Myeloma in Victoria to have easy access to a Myeloma support nurse and support group, run in-person or via virtual means.
Our club ROMP committee are pleased to report that all 9 jurisdictions across Victoria, supported by local Rotary clubs, are now linked into this excellent program.  And this week, their "38mate" program was launched - checkout the photos below!
Attending a Myeloma support group meeting can take ... just 38 minutes, allowing those in need to access the expertise of a Myeloma support nurse, and others affected and living with Myeloma
If you haven't yet received your copy of the ROMP newsletter, ask Adrian Campbell or Peter Allen for a copy.
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