Volume 66 Issue 21                                                17th November 2021
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***************Important message – please note ************
The plans have changed, for those that have missed our recent communication, we will be meeting back at Conchie Hall for the AGM on Wednesday 24th November 2021. 6pm for a 6.30 start, everyone attending needs to be Covid compliant, so please bring along a copy of your Vax certificate.
Spitting image will be catering and with the recent Government announcement there will be no restrictions on attendees, you need to book and pay $30 online via the club website by lunch time Monday so we can confirm numbers with Spitting Image. Importantly there will be no zoom link this week
The club recently celebrated 65 years servicing the community
Did you know - Rotary Club of Camberwell FIRST MEETING AND CHARTER ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF CAMBERWELL 1956 In July 1956, a meeting was held at the Camberwell Town Hall. At this meeting, presided over by District Governor’s Special Representative, Alan Patterson of the Rotary Club of Hawthorn, it was agreed that a Rotary Club should be formed in the City of Camberwell. A preliminary meeting of prospective members was held on Tuesday, 11 September 1956, when territorial boundaries were decided upon, application forms signed and the entrance fee of Eight [8] Guineas paid. The Organisation Meeting of the PROVISIONAL ROTARY CLUB OF CAMBERWELL was held on 28 September 1956, at the Whitehorse Inn, Whitehorse Road, Balwyn and the following office-bearers elected: • President Ian Hammond Barnes • Vice President John Lovett • Hon. Secretary John Francis Goss • Hon. Asst. Secretary Les Brown • Hon. Treasurer David O’Callaghan • Sergeant-at-Arms William Jackson Giblet This Club’s charter was granted on 2 November 1956
Club Christmas party has been booked for Wednesday 15th December, more details to follow on venue, cost and how to book
Thank you to Kerry Anne and the team of volunteers who last Sunday successfully completed another bunnings BBQ, with a good fundraising result of more than $1900
Congratulations to Sue & Graeme Hope on welcoming their 7th grand child with a new baby girl recently born, I’m sure the extended Hope family will be enjoying the excitement of a new baby in the family
It was terrific to see John Steven back attending meetings and hope his recovery is progressing well & we wish Heather Heath a speedy recovery from a recent fall
A Wedding in the club with Chris Howell & Bill Kirk getting married this Saturday 20th November in Texas, a big congratulations from your friends @ Camberwell Rotary
That’s it from me for this week, have a good week in Rotary, let’s keep connecting & be kind to one another.
Patrick Docherty 
Member since 2010 
Patrick Docherty
President 2021-2022
Upcoming Events
Camberwell Sunday Market
Market Place
Nov 21, 2021
6:50 AM – 1:00 PM
Yarra Bank Reserve Playground - Gala Opening
Yarra Bank Reserve Playground
Nov 21, 2021
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Fellowship Night & Annual General Meeting
Conochie Hall
Nov 24, 2021
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Camberwell Sunday Market
Market Place
Nov 28, 2021
6:50 AM – 1:00 PM
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Nov 24, 2021
Annual General Meeting - [Chair - Patrick Docherty]
Dec 01, 2021 6:30 PM
Rotary Sponsorship of Mens Sheds - Chair - Ron Lear)
Dec 08, 2021
Life of a MICA Paramedic - (Chair - TBA) [Zoom OK]
Dec 15, 2021 7:00 PM
Christmas Party & Past President's Night
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Camberwell Rotary Club’s Annual Bert Stevens Apprentice Awards

‘In the 2005/06 Rotary year, our club established the annual Bert Stevens Apprentice Awards to honour our club’s revered charter member/tradesman of many skills, the late Bert Stevens.  Since then, in conjunction with the Box Hill Institute – Faculty of Trades (formerly known as Box Hill TAFE College), these awards have been made annually to two final year apprentices who were completing their apprenticeships and training despite personal setbacks and/or difficulties.  Each award has been to a cash amount sufficient to allow the recipient to purchase a suitable kit of tools for their trade.  In recent years, each award has been to the value of $1,500.  For the 2021 school year, $3,000 was forwarded to Box Hill Institute to allow these 2 awards to be presented. 

The two successful recipients for our 2021 awards are Timothy Hamilton completing Certificate III in Air-conditioning & Refrigeration and Zhuozend (Telfair) Li completing Certificate III in Light Vehicle Technology.  I was privileged to represent our club at a Trade Scholarship Recognition Event held at Box Hill Institute last Friday (12 November) when these and other awards were presented to their recipients. Unfortunately, Telfair Li was unable to attend due to illness.

A brief resume for each student follows: 
Timothy Hamilton
Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
Timothy’s nominator – Len Raines – Manager, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Large family of 11 siblings
  • Lives 150 kim from Box Hill which is approx. 2 hours drive
  • Presents well and is very confident of his own skills
  • Is active member of charity groups around the local area
  • Competing in the 2021 National World Skills competition in Perth
  • Works in a family business
Timothy, a 3rd-year air-conditioning and refrigeration apprentice, works with his father and is one of eleven children. After leaving school, Tim thought about an engineering career but soon changed his mind, as he loved all hands-on work and believed it would be better to have an apprenticeship in a trade for his future career plans. He enjoys fixing and building different things and one day hopes to complete an electrical apprenticeship to enrich his air-conditioning and refrigeration apprenticeship.
Tim is currently working on developing a software program for Supermarkets to monitor their refrigeration systems from home in his spare time. Tim explained that there is a severe gap in the market for this type of programming to support industry. He is a member of Rover Scouts and works with the group to raise money for the local community.
Entering Box Hill, Tim chose to do the best he could and acquire as much additional study and experience as possible. In his first year, Tim competed in the State World Skills competition and took out first place.   Winning the state award has led Tim to compete in Perth's National World Skills competition in August.
Tim's long term goals as a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic are to get into refrigeration controls and develop new technology for the industry to help with monitoring critical systems.
Tim said, "the scholarship will mean a lot as I will put the money towards getting tools to help me in the trade and assist me to compete and do my very best in the upcoming National World Skills competition".
Zhuozend (Telfair) Li
Certificate III in Light Vehicle Technology
Telfair’s nominator – Mr. Hemstandis, Teacher
  • On time and punctual
  • Works well in class
  • Time to talk and assist other students
  • Very polite
  • Work delivered on time
  • Telfair, a 3rd-year automotive apprentice migrated to Australia from Shanghai, China, when he was 15 years old.  He attended Language school on arrival and then commenced high school in Adelaide but didn’t enjoy school or the homework as his passion was working on cars and motorbikes. He completed Certificate I and Certificate II in Light Vehicle and knew that his future career path would be in the automotive industry.  Jobs were difficult to find in Adelaide, so he moved to Melbourne when he was 18 without family or a stable place to live. He worked in a delivery role for 12 months.  After applying for many jobs, he eventually found an apprenticeship with the NGP Group at Mercedes Benz, Toorak, where he still works today.  Telfair’s dream is to have his own business specialising in servicing all different brands and types of vehicles.  Telfair said “this scholarship is a great chance to be recognized for how well I can be in the field”.  He would like to use the money to buy quality tools that he could use forever, as he explained, the tools are expensive to buy. ‘
     Ron Lear on behalf of the Vocation & Youth Service Committee
Speaking at COP 26, RI President Mehta Commits to Mangrove Initiatives
In a speech Nov. 1 at the UN Climate Conference, Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta announced that mangrove restoration will be a central focus of Rotary’s environmental work in the year to come. He spoke at the beginning of the ministerial-level roundtable Nov. 10 at the Commonwealth Pavilion, after a warm welcome from Commonwealth Secretary General Baroness Patricia Scotland, QC, and ministers of the environment or forestry from the commonwealth nations of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Pakistan, Seychelles, Maldives, and Tanzania, as well as the representatives from several global environmental organizations. Rotary of Great Britain and Ireland cited President Shekhar’s roundtable at COP26 as “the biggest showpiece event of his COVID-hit Presidential year so far.”

Now that COP26 has ended, this is the opportunity for Rotarians to assess how we work in our communities and with our governments to enhance ambition, ensure that national plans for NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions) are strong and filed timely, to encourage strengthened commitment to mitigate where we can, and to adapt and build resilience where mitigation will not come in time.
For more information on ESRAG regarding Rotary’s involvement at COP26
Rotary Foundation Cakes and Puddings
YES, it is that time of the year again.
The traditional Rotary Foundation Cakes and Puddings are now available, product details and prices are attached.
Please place your orders with me by text or email and I will arrange pickup or delivery. Payment can be made via the invoice attached with the delivery.
Thank you for your support of Our Club and Our Foundation
0418 380 023   donjago@
Bunnings  Hawthorn BBQ 14th November 2021
A big thank you to everyone turned up to make this a successful event.
Rotarians supporting our community well done everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Camberwell Sunday Market Roster: Oct 21 - Mar 22
Dear Camberwell Rotary Members & Friends,
Please refer to the Roster above, and thank you to those volunteers who have us covered through to the 12th December.
I have highlighted in red the days that urgently require volunteers (including Boxing Day), as well as in yellow for the rest of January 2022. I also need volunteers through to (at least) the end of March 2022. So please kindly check your diaries and generously volunteer to fill up those vacant time slots.
Thank you.
Jo-Anne Tamlyn (Camberwell Sunday Market Roster Coordinator)
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