Volume 66 Issue 23                                                  8th December 2021
President Patrick's Musings
Rotary friends and friends of Rotary 
Our final meeting @ conchie hall was buzzing when we presented Debbie Megarry a gift in our appreciation of 25 years serving meals to members @ basscare
On a sad note it was Peter Gray’s last meeting, Peter is retiring as a financial planner and selling his home in Surrey Hills and moving to an Island in a far far away place, Peter was inducted in June 2014 and has been a valuable contributor to our club and the community and will be solely missed
Date for your Diary – 2nd February 2022 – the club will be hosting a For A Meal food packing night @ Conchie Hall, it promises to be a fun night – Rotary in  action….. where we hope to pack 14,000 meals look out for the flyer, and how to reserve your spot.
Hawthorn Makers market – a terrific effort by Teresa, Graeme & David in organising a hugely successful market and thanks to the many volunteers and shoppers from the club who also contributed to the market success.
Bunnings BBQ Hawthorn – is on Sunday 9th January 2022 – if anyone can assist, please reach out to Lyndon Joss
The board recently met and I’m pleased to let everyone know
  •  Community services - $1000 is being donated to the RC Wodonga West for the Peace Bell project. Check out for more info
  • Foundation committee- The board approved a payment of $100 per member to be paid to Rotary foundation.
  • Ongoing Hybrid Meetings:  ie Zoom/ Attending Meetings, It was agreed to leave it as a physical meeting for the time being in 2022 when we resume, with the chances of a “shared meeting” possibly happening in the future.
  • The Board agreed that the following dinner meetings be cancelled for the remainder of the 2021 year/ start of 2022 year:22/12, 29/12,5/1, 12/1, 26/1& Board meeting for January, 2022
  • Our first meeting back @ Conchie Hall will be Wednesday 19th January 2022
An update from Sparky Clarky who had a successful operation on his wrist and is at home recuperating….. Steve wanted the members to know he is still collecting pantry staples to donate to the Asylum seeker resource centre, so please reach out to Steve if you have any food to donate.
The Christmas season is fast approaching and the tradition of Camberwell Rotarians bringing a new unwrapped gift for a child to our Christmas party continues again this year, so please remember to bring a present on Wednesday night
That’s it from me for this week, I hope to see you at the Christmas party on Wednesday night …… If I don’t see you Wednesday night I hope you & your family will have a safe & Merry Christmas and I Look forward to spending time together in 2022.
Patrick Docherty Member since 2010 
Patrick Docherty
President 2021-2022
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ROMP – The Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program 
ROMP – The Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program
“Everyone deserves a long healthy life. When you Serve to Change Lives your actions today can help extend the lives of others.
*Rotary International President Shekkar Mehta
No patient is to be isolated. A specialist myeloma nurse supports a myeloma patient
There is always room in the Rotary lexicon for another acronym to add to the dozens of others that flag the world-wide scope of Rotary International Community Service – RYPEN, RYLA, ROMAC, RAWCS…  and many, many more.  Welcome to “ROMP”-  the Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program – an ongoing R100 Rotary project celebrating the Centenary of Rotary in Australasia in 1921.
is an award winning, multi-club and multi-district community service program. Begun three years ago by the Rotary Club of Camberwell, ROMP supports the work of Myeloma Australia, the only myeloma specific charitable organisation in Australia. The Camberwell Club has been engaged continuously with Myeloma Australia since it began more than two decades ago.
Myeloma? Sometimes called Multiple Myeloma, it is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow that is presently suffered by approximately twenty thousand Australians. More than sixty thousand Australians belong to a national “myeloma community” that includes the partners and families of patients.
Despite the best efforts of researchers word-wide there is yet no cure for myeloma.
Average mortality is less than eight years.
Two thousand Australians are diagnosed each year. In the words of a Myeloma Australia awareness campaign, “That’s 38 mate!” Thirty-eight new challenged families each week who will need and deserve support and the best outcomes regardless of their address.
There are more than a thousand myeloma patients living in country Victoria. When their partners, families and others close to them are added, that number expands to constitute a regional Victorian myeloma community that is larger than five thousand.

 ROMP calls upon Rotary Clubs in regional Victoria to join a regular forum of clubs from across country Victoria to build awareness of the special needs of myeloma patients in their own communities.  A core aim is to support the smooth delivery of Myeloma Australia programs and assist in delivering outcomes that are at least equal to those achieved in capital cities.
At the centre of Myeloma Australia’s services is the creation and maintenance of myeloma support groups each led by a highly qualified myeloma nurse. Support Groups are informal gatherings for people living with myeloma, their family and friends. The meetings provide a safe space to meet other members of the myeloma community to share their experiences of living with myeloma, and to learn from various guest speakers from a health management and practical perspective. 
A key ROMP vision and aim is to ensure that people who are living with myeloma in country Victoria can enjoy the same access to locally based support groups that is available in Greater Melbourne.
A ROMP vision statement says it well - No regional  myeloma patient is to live more than one hour from a myeloma support group.”
The ROMP initiative does not seek Rotary funds. ROMP is a hands-on program. Its modest funding needs are met by the Rotary Club of Camberwell. Clubs are free to directly support the work of Myeloma Australia and its community fund-raisers from time to time as they might decide similarly for any other charitable cause. ROMP will assist in promoting those Myeloma Australia opportunities.
ROMP is not a “one size fits all program”. There are few specific requirements and clubs are free to decide their level of engagement and activities. We seek two or three clubs from each of the nine Victorian country regions as leaders in their own communities to attend the ROMP bi-monthly ZOOM forums. and to “spread the word” to their fellow Rotary clubs.
ROMP committee members are always available to present the ROMP program to Rotary clubs in person or via ZOOM. Rotary clubs are front and centre in their communities. We want “everyone” – Shire, Councillors, Cancer Centres to know that Rotary is engaged for the benefit of their community.
We want club representatives to be friends with Myeloma Australia staff members and willing to respond to requests for modest support in their region from time to time  - perhaps a meeting room for a new support group or internet resources for an existing local myeloma support group for example – or transport for a patient etc.
We want cancer centres to know that Rotary is engaged with Myeloma Australia and keen to support their work with local myeloma patients.
While fulfilment of the traditional Myeloma Australia vision of “A world without myeloma” seems a long way into the future the ROMP vision is well within our sight.
No myeloma patient is to live more than one hour from a myeloma support group.”
More information: Web -     Email –
Extract from a *recent letter to all Rotarians
from Rotary International President Shekkar Mehta
“My Dear Change Makers,
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month in Rotary.
The pandemic unfortunately has schooled most people on the toll that disease takes on our communities. But fighting disease is something that Rotarians around the world have been doing for decades.
In fact, it is one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus
This month, think about how your club can focus on preventing and fighting disease. This is the time to take a bigger, better, bolder approach through both club and district projects that can impact more people.
Re-evaluate where you are with your goals. Create strategies that can sustain change over years, not months.
Everyone deserves a long healthy life. When you Serve to Change Lives your actions today can help extend the lives of others.
*The full article can be accessed at this link -
Invitation to afternoon tea in memory of Dick Menting
In the other news!!!!!!!
How time flies, its been  25 years for lovely Debbie at  Conochie Hall . Thank you for your amazing hospitality.
Our Amazing speaker for the week at Conochie  hall on the 7th Dec 2021. Justin North- Coombes( Life of a MICA  Paramedic)
Rotary club of Camberwell was at Bunning Hawthorn to showcase all our goodness.
Camberwell Sunday Market Roster 2021-22
Thank you all for your responses at our recent meeting.
As you can see, I still need three (3) volunteers for the 26 December, which I know is difficult. If you have any chance at all of doing a three hour stint on this day, please let me know as soon as possible.
I have also marked other days in January where I have a shortfall, once again please check your diaries and let me know your availability.
Thank you for your ongoing support for this important Rotary community program, and important fund raiser for our Club.
Jo-Anne Tamlyn, Camberwell Sunday Market Roster Coordinator 
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