Dear Rotary Club of Camberwell Members,
As mentioned in last night's Zoom meeting, there are two critical issues facing the Art Show Committee:
  • Swinburne University and the date: from the Vice Chancellor down, there has been wholesale personnel changes over the last two years, so there aren't any contacts who have previous knowledge of our club and our Art Shows. Various members of the Committee are trying to establish contact, with the main objective being permission to use the Advanced Technology Centre as in previous years, and the available dates for 2022.

    We are continuing to plan for a physical show in 2022, but there are some elements that can't be finalised until we get this permission and the dates. Watch this space!
  • Sponsorship: this is the key to a financially successful Art Show. We simply can't expect a substantial financial return from the show without sponsors to cover the bulk of our fixed costs. In previous years sponsorship has fallen to one or two committee members, but for the 2022 show I want to have a subcommittee working on raising sponsorships. The subcommittee will be headed up by our experienced Nick Pane, supported by one volunteer from each of the International, Community, Youth/Vocation and Fellowship/Membership service committees.

    Your Committee Chairs should already have raised this requirement in your recent meetings, and I ask that these volunteers contact Nick Pane as soon as possible so that the Sponsorship Subcommittee can swing into immediate action. I have asked Nick to develop a Sponsorship Plan, setting objectives, identifying existing and potential sponsors and developing a plan of attack.

    And I want to stress that, just like the setting up and running of the Art Show is a "whole of club" activity and responsibility, so is the rating of sponsorships. So even if you are not one of Nick's volunteers on the subcommittee, please think about, and keep a look out for sponsorship opportunities, and shoot them through to Nick.
I am looking forward to a successful Camberwell Art Show in 2022 - how about you?
Murray Anderson, Chair - Art Show Committee