Saturday 30th October -- the first Bunnings BBQ of the season and wow was it a BIG one!! It didn't start off so well with Aldi letting me down with my order of 700 sausages and 34 loaves of bread!!!........mmmmmm not happy as you can imagine. After running around to four different supermarkets, I managed to buy up their complete supply of sausages and got there by 8.00am, only to find that Bunnings hadn't even connected the gas bottle.
Finally we were underway - 700 sausages, 14kg onions (that I chopped up Friday night) and we were in business. Lots of rules and regulations from Bunnings meant that customers were encouraged to scan their Q code, which automatically bought up the order. The young ones could manage but not so good for us oldies.
We ran out of sausages around 2.00pm and a mad dash was made to the supermarket for more...mmm.. then the gas ran out. another mmmmmm. 
The Rotary team- Lyndon, Irving, John and Winsome, Andrew , David, David B, Fabienne and Teresa - were amazing as we kept the smiles (under our masks) going. We finished the day with $1750. Not a bad effort really, and a great start to fund raising. 
Bunnings have been very good to our club. All those missed opportunities during covid lockdown have still given us $2000 (in vouchers that have been bought by members)
Lisa from Bunnings has given us another day, Sunday 14th November so if you have never had the opportunity to work on a bbq, now is your chance. 
There needs to be 4 people working behind the counter, plus the team 'Captain", so put your hand up... don't be shy... and come and enjoy the experience.
Kerry Anne