Groceries for Asylum Seekers

Groceries for Asylum Seekers.
we seek the following items from club members.
They're looking for the following things;
  • Tuna in oil 400g
  • Tinned tomatoes 400g
  • Honey small bottles
  • Raw unsalted nuts almonds, walnuts, cashews
  • Spices small packs cumin, turmeric, chilli
  • Coconut cream
  • Sweet and savoury biscuits
  • Dried fruit apricots, dates
  • Peanut butter
  • Jam
  • Full cream UHT milk 1 litre
  • Deodorant spray
  • Disposable razors
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Laundry power max 1kg
  • Dishwashing liquid 1 litre
With the intention of helpfulness, I’m again offering to pick up groceries for asylum seekers in the following areas; Boroondara, Stonnington, Burwood, Doncastor and Templestowe.
Thanks to all those who have previously donated. The Refugee mob are so grateful. Richard O'Brien and I now using the Community Centre in Alphington to drop off your donations. Here's a snap of the Alphington Staff loading their cupboard.
All the best 
Cheers Steve Clarke
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President Patrick's Musings 7th July 2021

Rotary friends and friends of Rotary, thank you to everyone who attended our meeting, it was a truly inspirational presentation about the future of Rotary by Jesse Harman.
We welcomed back our new secretary Vijay Susarla from leave of absence and it was great to also see Adrian Campbell attend and receive his Paul Harris recognition from PP Murray Anderson.
Basscare are restricting our attendance @ Wednesday meetings due to Covid-19, so please be aware the procedure moving forward for members to attend our weekly meeting is …. if you want to attend and have a meal, you must register and pay online, if you are having issues registering please call Murray Anderson  0457 000 407 and he will be able to assist.
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 Bairnsdale Cluster Project 31st July/1st August

Good Afternoon

I hope you are all keeping well. I am writing to you all today in a last bd effort to get a project done that our Cluster has been working on for over 12 months.

Working with the East Gippsland Rotary Clubs and Landcare we would like to achieve the planting of 7000 trees over the weekend of 31st July/1st August.

Due to the last Covid 19 lockdown our initial planting date has been and gone. We are running out of time to get these trees into the ground.

I ask if you could kindly extend an invitation to your members to join us at this wonderful project.  

I do apologise for the very late notice but I am not prepared to cancel the project. As Victorians are free to travel many of our initial volunteers have taken the opportunity to travel interstate so I am seeking more volunteers.

The goal of this project was to plant as many trees as possible over a weekend, to inject much needed income into these towns who during covid have seen very few holiday makers and of course enjoy the fellowship of fellow Rotarians. Peter Sindrey, President of Lakes Entrance Rotary has worked tirelessly to make this project happen and it is up to us to ensure we see the project through.

Ideally I would like to confirm our numbers to Peter no later than Monday next week 31st July/1st August:

  • Rotarians and or friends of Rotarians to book their own accommodation. We will be based in Bairnsdale. A variety of accommodation is available.
  • Lunch will be provided on both the Saturday and the Sunday, buses will transport our volunteers out to 4 properties
  • A function will be organised at the Bairnsdale RSL for Saturday night 31st August
  • We encourage our volunteers to bring basic gardening tools,. (gloves, hand tools, spades, rakes, picks etc..)
  • Good footwear is essential
  • Wet weather gear.

If you have any members interested in attending or need more information,  please do not hesitate to contact me: 

Donna Martin, Bacchus Marsh Rotary Club

0437 177 031

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May Rotary updates

May is.....
Every month in Rotary has a special purpose. 
Refer to your Club Directory if you are planning an event to correlate with the Rotary Calendar.
May is also National Myeloma month in Australia.
May is National Myeloma Month - and for the Rotary Club of Camberwell, our ROMP project.
ROMP - the Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program - is our Club's Centenary year project, in collaboration with Myeloma Australia.  Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer, of no known cause, which affects approximately 2000 Australians every year.
This RC100 accredited project is designed to provide access for all people diagnosed with Myeloma in Victoria to have easy access to a Myeloma support nurse and support group, run in-person or via virtual means.  Our club ROMP committee are pleased to report that all 9 jurisdictions across Victoria, supported by local Rotary clubs, are now linked into this excellent program.  And this week, their "38mate" program was launched - checkout the photos below!
38 Australians are diagnosed with Myeloma every week - every myeloma patient, their family and regional myeloma communities deserve ready access to specialist myeloma nurses, information about evolving myeloma treatments and advice about living with myeloma.
If you haven't yet received your copy of the ROMP newsletter, ask Adrian Campbell or Peter Allen for a copy.
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Murray's Musings-14 Apr 2021

Last week Lindy and I visited the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions of NSW to catch up with some old friends, and I continue to be impressed with the number of Rotary signs you see driving into small rural and semi-rural towns, and the number of playgrounds and parks sponsored by local Rotary Clubs. We are truly part of a wonderful well-established volunteer organisation with highly visible examples of good charitable works - and of course many more not-so-visible.
And speaking of well-established, our speaker Richard Blakeman from RC Glenferrie gave an excellent presentation focussed on the Centenary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand. And I extended a special welcome to the group from the Rotary Club of Richmond: President Anna, PE Janice and Rotarians Jo, Melinda and Joan, who came to hear Richard speak.
Richard specifically talked about the joint Eastside/Riverside Cluster joint R100 project - the Yarra Bend Park Playground, a $400K City of Boroondara redevelopment project where Glenferrie and Camberwell have contributed significant funds, and along with Canterbury and Balwyn have contributed a total of $90K. Our Club took the lead organising role in the dismantling and transport of the old playground (which will go to a needy community in Nepal) under the supervision of John Walmsley, and your Community Service Committee under the leadership of Teresa Molella has worked since 2019 on the Yarra Bend Park Playground project, which is due for completion in July.
Richard stressed the need to use this project as a catalyst for community engagement, as well as promoting the Centenary of Rotary in Australia. He also stressed the new member potential of a higher community profile within Boroondara and beyond. To that end, there will be a Grand Opening of the Playground on 1 August (save the date), an installation of bee hotels at the site, and an End Polio Walk centred on the new playground and the associated Yarra River paths. There will also be a Boroondara Business Breakfast later in the year, with Josh Frydenberg as Guest Speaker. All events will need an organising committee made up of champions from each of the participating clubs - so I will be calling for volunteers in the coming months!
I am looking forward to our own Centenary of Rotary dinner next Wednesday at the Amora Hotel Riverwalk. As our club has existed for 2/3 of the Rotary Century we are celebrating, it's fitting that we remember all the great things we have done and great projects we have initiated in our own club's history. With a panel of senior club members being interviewed by a group of younger members, it will be a great night of reminiscing and celebrating. Please make an effort to attend, bring your partner, spouse, kids, grandkids, friends, everyone!
Last meeting we had a significant number of no-shows, the cost of which exceeded the takings of the raffle and drinks. So I encourage you to, as a first preference, register and pay for your meal in advance through our website or via the link that Alan Lorenzini emails you - this process is now working smoothly; if you cannot do this, you must advise Alan if you are not attending (ie an apology) - if you do not, you will have to be billed for the meal that was provided to you. Ultimately I would like to see all weekly dinner payments made on line in advance, but for the time being we will continue to take payment at the Welcome Desk.
That's it from me - have a great week in Rotary.
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President Murray's Musings-7 Apr 2021

Posted by Murray Anderson
During the week we have said goodbye to Daylight Saving, enjoyed the Easter celebrations, possibly eaten too much chocolate, and seen COVID vaccinations get underway against a long run of zero new infections. As a bonus the weather has been beautiful and unseasonably warm, it's a great time to be in Melbourne.
We had a very enjoyable Weekly Meeting last night, it was great to see some faces we haven't seen for a while, we had three members join us on Zoom, it was great to welcome Yvonne and Rob to their first meeting as Members, and it was good to have James Damches join us again as a guest. And in support of our Guest Speaker the Mayor of Boroondara, Councillor Garry Thompson was Councillor (and previous Balwyn Rotarian) Di Gillies with partner and Rotarian Rob Nethercote. With our own Patty Laufenberg, it seemed almost like a Council meeting!
It was my pleasure to continue the Club's long standing tradition and induct the Mayor as Honorary Member. Garry appreciates the long history of co-operation between the City of Boroondara and our Club, and is very keen to explore further ways the Council and it's officers and our Club can work together on current and future projects. I stressed during the Induction Ceremony that he now is an ambassador for Rotary, and will carry the ideals and principles of Rotary service to those who know him, and with those with whom he is associated - and I'm confident he will be an outstanding ambassador.
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AI beehives installed at Victorian ports to detect biosecurity threats

March 31, 2021
Artificially intelligent beehives are being installed at Victorian ports to protect against exotic pests and diseases.
Bega Cheese’s Purple Hive project, a solar-powered device that detects bee pest Varroa destructor, will be installed alongside several sentinel hives managed and monitored by Agriculture Victoria.
Purple Hive provides alerts in real-time using artificial intelligence and 360-degree camera technology. It has been tested in New Zealand, where the mite is established, to prepare for installation at the Port of Melbourne.
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Rotary Donations in Kind West Footscray Store Achievements to March 2021

There have been many significant achievements in 21 years: DIK have a new Store, new equipment, and an increased capacity to assist our stakeholders to help others. We also wish to highlight achievements over the last 21 years and thank the people and organisations who have made this possible. Donations in Kind operations in other states conduct similar activities. Rotary’s involvement in this area started over 50 years ago and in 1987 Donations in Kind was established as the nation-wide Rotary project. 
Achievements to date:
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And yes!!!! we are plus two again at Rotary Camberwell.
A big welcome to our newest members, Yvonne Wills and Robert O'Reilly.
                                       Yvonne Wills
                                                                  Robert O'Reilly. 
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President Murray's Musings-10 Mar 2021

What an amazing Wednesday that was! After roaring around Tasmania on my motorbike for 5 days, I sailed back on the ferry Tuesday night, rode home at 6:30am for a quick shower and shave, then went straight into preparing for the Club Meeting. That done, it was off to Balwyn Park for a photo op with the other Eastside Cluster Presidents and Councillor Di Gillies featuring our Centenary of Rotary park bench and plaque (an R100 project). Then a Cluster Monthly meeting and straight to Conochie Hall - phew!
There was a real buzz in the room: David T, Bernie and Tania were attending their first meeting as full members; we had Yvonne Wills and Rob O'Reilly attending again; member's partners Margret Baker, Bev Allen and Mandy Campbell; and our Guest Speaker Steve Roach supported by Myeloma Australia's Brian Rosengarten and Peter O'Brien (President and Treasurer respectively). Steve was obviously a popular drawcard as we had a near full attendance. Thanks to Peter Allen for setting up some pretty impressive AV.
Guest Speaker Steve Roach (CEO of Myeloma Australia) gave a captivating talk encompassing his own personal history (playing on Leigh Matthews was never going to advance his footy career!), the formation of what was to become Myeloma Australia by past Camberwell Rotarian Bob Moran and co-founder Brian Rosengarten, Steve's involvement since 2004 and his achievements so far, and more recently the development of the Rotary Outreach Myeloma Project (ROMP). Steve spoke eloquently and from the heart, and stressed the similarity in approach of the two organisations: focussing on getting things done in a practical, hands-on fashion, and helping people "on the ground". Truly an amazing collaboration between Camberwell Rotary and Myeloma Australia, and all credit to the committee chaired by Don Jago, supported by Peter Allen (who is on the MA Board), Adrian Campbell, Teresa Molella, Alan Lorenzini and Peter O'Brien.
It was then my pleasure to recognise Steve Roach as a Paul Harris Fellow, and present him with his certificate, medallion and lapel pin. Previously hidden from view, his wife Claire and children Sean, Courtney and Michaela joined in congratulating him and celebrating this important recognition, and Steve was suitably humbled. It was then my turn to surprise Peter Allen with his 4th Sapphire Paul Harris Fellow lapel pin, in recognition of all he has done and continues to do for The Rotary Foundation, our Club, Myeloma Australia and ROMP. Congratulations to both Steve and Peter, very well deserved.
By the time you read this, the International Women's Day Breakfast has been held, and what a success it was. Over 80 guests enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at the Amora Hotel, and guided by our MC Di Gillies enjoyed a fascinating series of top-line speakers who addressed issues including diversity and equality, the problems and positives coming from the pandemic, the opportunities for women, and the need for continual support, mentoring and team building during the lockdowns. A truly stimulating and uplifting series of presentations. Congratulations to the organising committee, especially our Fabienne and Kerry Anne. If you missed it, don't miss next year's!
On the technical side: if you have downloaded the ClubRunner app, you will already have an updated Directory in your hand, with our new members phone, email and address details - nifty eh? And it would appear the problems with paying for the weekly meetings on-line has been solved: but remember, if you are registering and paying for a guest as well, you must register yourself and SAVE; you then register your guest and SAVE; then you pay by clicking the PAY ONLINE button (check the $ amount).
That's it from me, have a great week in Rotary.
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President Murray's Musings

The vaccine is rolling out, vaccination of our front line workers and nursing home residents has started, closed borders are being opened - could this be the beginning of the end (to quote Winston Churchill)? I certainly hope so.
Our meeting this week was a ripper, with good attendance including some faces we hadn't seen for some time - great to see you Justine and Nick. We again welcomed soon-to-be-members David Troon and Tania and Bernie Willemson, as well as Yvonne Wills and Rob O'Reilly. We also had five members joining us on Zoom, including Jeevan who is temporarily based in Canberra. I'm pleased we can use our new-found technology to extend our meeting to those who can't attend physically.
Ian McMillan did a great job of chairing the meeting, and MC Jon Oppy was in fine form, this time taking aim at Peter Steven. The raffle was also well supported, with 104 "virtual tickets" sold, the lucky winner (finally) being guest Yvonne Wills. The raffle process was a bit messy as members are not yet familiar, but everyone please persist next week - it makes a welcome top-up to the Sunshine Account which in turn comes back to you as subsidies for social events.
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Camberwell Rotary - Bushfire Relief

2020 has been quite a year starting out with the bushfires and followed by the Covid pandemic. This article is intended to bring you up to date with our Club’s significant contribution to the bushfire relief effort after the catastrophic devastation which occurred at the start of this year.
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Living on a rubbish dump in Tanzania Jeevan Vasimalla 2020-08-21 14:00:00Z 0
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Clean Drinking Water for Vietnam  2020-06-24 14:00:00Z 0

Disaster Relief Food Packaging

Our recent disaster relief food packaging night put together 18,000 meals ready to be delivered to a needy spot. Typically these meals are provide to villages wiped our by typhoon or flood. Consisting of 3 basic ingredients and a sachet of essential minerals these meals are stored in  air tight foil and heat sealed bags, boxed and ready for delivery to disaster location.
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