Former Camberwell Rotary Club member Kerry Anne Frost (centre) continues to be actively involved in Team Vista. Their goal is to is to empower young people in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa to improve their lives and better support their community through quality education. This includes building of the infrastructure and providing school supplies. The Camberwell Rotary Club has supported this project for many years. Below is an extract from their latest community update:
Education Update 
At Team Vista, our newly established home boasts a spacious room transformed into a vibrant classroom, enhanced by its light, airy atmosphere and improved with two fans installed by our own Moses. This inviting space serves as a learning hub for primary students grappling with English, who receive dedicated lessons from our sponsored teachers, Ernest and Angel, each afternoon.
Recognising the importance of nourishment alongside education, we ensure these young learners are provided with afternoon tea following their lessons, a crucial supplement given that many lack a reliable evening meal. The educational support extends to Form Two students, who have previously struggled with mathematics, now finding the subject both enjoyable and engaging under the guidance of Peter, Imrani, Lembris, and Kerry.
Form Four students also benefit from this nurturing educational environment, with Lembris taking the lead in their instruction. Beyond the structured lessons, our classroom remains a dynamic study space for students seeking to learn with their peers, offering a safe and well-equipped environment. It's heartwarming to witness students embracing the chance to engage and relax in the front garden.
Saturdays bring a fresh wave of learning as all Form One students gather for English lessons, addressing the gap in English language exposure from primary to secondary education, where English becomes the medium of instruction for all subjects. Team Vista prides itself on being an 'open house' to any student in need of a place to study, socialise, or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility.
Our commitment to education and support has seen us welcome five young boys into the Team Vista family from the age of eight. Having been abandoned in Kaloleni, these boys have grown under our care, attending boarding school for the past decade. We celebrate the achievements of Peter, our eldest, who has recently completed Form Four with a Division two grade, a testament to his hard work and our collective support.
Final Word
As we look ahead, February promises to be a month bustling with activity. Our Form Four students will be leading extra classes, and we have an important head teacher meeting scheduled for our eight primary schools. In these sessions, staff members Janeth and Ummy will provide essential education on puberty and menstruation to all Standard Six girls—a crucial subject often overlooked in the curriculum. Additionally, our dedicated tailor, who is deaf, will continue crafting monthly menstrual packs for each Team Vista girl, which we distribute free of charge.
Our Empowerment groups are set to thrive, with health experts scheduled to engage with our older students on a range of topics. We've also lined up specialist classes to enrich their learning experience, including painting, aerobics, sports, and yoga, alongside sessions with visiting social workers and experts from the “Sober House” organisation on mental health, drug, and alcohol addiction. These programs, led by Janeth, Ummy, Lembris, Ernest, and some of our Form Four graduates from last year, have proven to be instrumental in equipping our young people for life beyond school.
As we wrap up January, Kerry (Director) shares a personal note of departure: "I will be leaving early in February to celebrate my fifth son's wedding and will return in June. Meanwhile, two visitors will be arriving to connect with their sponsored child. In September, Caroline and Richard will host a safari group from Adelaide, offering an unforgettable experience. For those interested in joining, please reach out via
Thank you for your unwavering support and engagement with Team Vista's journey. Together, we continue to make a meaningful impact, preparing our youth for a bright and empowered future.