The ROMP Committee members for 2023 / 2024 are Don Jago – Committee Member, Peter Allen – Secretary, Trish O’Hara - Scholarship Program, Adrian Campbell – Development, Patrick Docherty – Development, George de Souza – Chair
The ROMP Committee meets weekly and is active daily to deliver its plan.
2022 / 2023 Activities
  • During the year ROMP continued its core activities – support for the work of Myeloma Australia nurses and the regional myeloma support groups provided by them
  • Through our semi-regular ROMP forums and visits to regional Rotary Clubs (Warrnambool & Shepparton) and publications we continued to build awareness of the myeloma disease and the treatment needs of patients
  • ROMP Scholarship Launched
  • Seed funding provided by Community Services
  • Offered to registered nurses who are employed in regional cancer treatment centres
  • The educational program is delivered on-line by Melbourne University and provides specialist training in cancer nursing with a focus upon blood cancers and myeloma
  • The successful launch of the scholarship program delivered a major funding opportunity for ROMP
  • It was submitted to the board of the club that ROMP would not seek funding from the club and instead would raise and manage its own funds
  • ROMP would no longer be part of Community Service and report directly to the board
  • A discrete trust would be established by the club solely for community fund-raising for ROMP which was endorsed by the board.
  • The trust – “Camberwell Rotary Outreach” – will commence early in the new financial year
2023 / 2024 Activities
  • The committee’s program and budget is fully funded – NO FUNDS required from the Rotary Club of Camberwell - Funding of up to $100,000 is anticipated to be received, firmly establishing the trust in the life of the club. Two Donors awaiting establishment of the trust
  • At least two and potentially four fully funded scholarships will be offered – 1st tranche of scholarships has been launched through promotional materials (to ROMP engaged clubs & Cancer Centres) - Applications close on September 16th.
  • ROMP “Road Shows” will continue to be at the focus of ROMP
  • Monday 28th August - multi club event at Traralgon hosted by RC Traralgon Central with representation from RC Traralgon and the Traralgon Cancer Treatment Centre – 9 RCC Members
  • October 1st - Roadshow will take place in Ballarat hosted by the Rotary Club of Alfredton – a long term supporter of ROMP.
Any member who wishes to participate in ROMP should contact Peter Allen in the first instance.
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