Volume 66 Issue 20                                               10th November 2021
President Patrick's Musings
Rotary friends and friends of Rotary 
Next week the 17th November will hopefully be our last ZOOM Meeting
***************Important message – please note ************
The plans have changed and we will be meeting back at Conchie Hall for the AGM on Wednesday 24th November 2021. Spitting image will be catering and numbers are restricted to 39, further details on how to book will be communicated next week
Save the dates

The Rotary Family Fun Day at Yarra Bank Reserve, Creswick street Hawthorn, set for Sunday 21st November. Includes a sausage sizzle 12noon to 3pm, this project was a multi club project to celebrate the centenary of Rotary in Australia, This Day is for Everyone, but Most of All for the Kids! So bring the grand kids along

Tim Credible will amaze with his incredible magic tricks, making things disappear and then reappear in the most unexpected places. 
Hayley Hoopla  will astonish you with her breathtaking feats with hoops, and the children can join in, swirling and twirling with abandon to the rhythm of the beat.
 Little faces will beam with delight when they have their faces painted by award winning artist Andra Budaie of Inner Colour.
Club Christmas party has been booked for Wednesday 15th December, more details to follow on venue, cost and how to book
Thank you to our volunteers who recently supported RIMERN, Hawthorn Makers Market, Camberwell Sunday market, ROMP, DIK & bunnings BBQ
The collective effort of our members volunteering is making an impact in our communities
There is another Bunnings BBQ this Sunday @ Burwood Rd Hawthorn, lets hope for nice weather and another good fundraising result
That’s it from me for this week, have a good week in Rotary, let’s keep connecting & be kind to one another.
Patrick Docherty 
Member since 2010 


Patrick Docherty
President 2021-2022
Upcoming Events
Camberwell Sunday Market
Market Place
Dec 05, 2021
6:50 AM – 1:00 PM
Hawthorn Makers Market
Hawthorn Arts Centre
Dec 05, 2021
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Weekly Dinner Meeting
Conochie Hall
Dec 08, 2021
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Board Meeting
Conochie Hall
Dec 08, 2021
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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Dec 08, 2021
Life of a MICA Paramedic - (Chair - Michael Blood) - {Bio done})
Dec 15, 2021 7:00 PM
Christmas Party & Past President's Night
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2022 Camberwell Art Show - November Update
Dear Rotary Club of Camberwell Members,
As mentioned in last night's Zoom meeting, there are two critical issues facing the Art Show Committee:
  • Swinburne University and the date: from the Vice Chancellor down, there has been wholesale personnel changes over the last two years, so there aren't any contacts who have previous knowledge of our club and our Art Shows. Various members of the Committee are trying to establish contact, with the main objective being permission to use the Advanced Technology Centre as in previous years, and the available dates for 2022.

    We are continuing to plan for a physical show in 2022, but there are some elements that can't be finalised until we get this permission and the dates. Watch this space!
  • Sponsorship: this is the key to a financially successful Art Show. We simply can't expect a substantial financial return from the show without sponsors to cover the bulk of our fixed costs. In previous years sponsorship has fallen to one or two committee members, but for the 2022 show I want to have a subcommittee working on raising sponsorships. The subcommittee will be headed up by our experienced Nick Pane, supported by one volunteer from each of the International, Community, Youth/Vocation and Fellowship/Membership service committees.

    Your Committee Chairs should already have raised this requirement in your recent meetings, and I ask that these volunteers contact Nick Pane as soon as possible so that the Sponsorship Subcommittee can swing into immediate action. I have asked Nick to develop a Sponsorship Plan, setting objectives, identifying existing and potential sponsors and developing a plan of attack.

    And I want to stress that, just like the setting up and running of the Art Show is a "whole of club" activity and responsibility, so is the rating of sponsorships. So even if you are not one of Nick's volunteers on the subcommittee, please think about, and keep a look out for sponsorship opportunities, and shoot them through to Nick.
I am looking forward to a successful Camberwell Art Show in 2022 - how about you?
Murray Anderson, Chair - Art Show Committee
100 Years of Rotary Australia

2021 marks the 100 year anniversary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand. It was in 1921 that the first rotary clubs were started in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, and Wellington.

Rotary International was founded in Chicago in 1905 as “a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships”. The name rotary came from the club’s early days when the procedure was to rotate meeting places among the offices of each member. Rotary has now grown to a global network, based in over 200 countries with up to 1.2 million Rotarians throughout 36,000 Rotary Clubs. Rotarians today “take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves”. City of Boroondara is home to seven clubs including our very own Hawthorn Rotary Club and Glenferrie Rotary Club.

Hawthorn Rotary Club was founded in 1953 and sponsored the creation of three local clubs; Camberwell, Kew, and Glenferrie. In the early years, Hawthorn Rotary mentored the other clubs and its office bearers. Richard Blakeman, Communications & Public Image for Glenferrie Rotary, explains that “the clubs are now fully self-sufficient, with separate boards, but there is still a special closeness with Hawthorn”.

Glenferrie Rotary Club was granted a charter in October 1975 and the first meeting was held at Hawthorn Town Hall (now Hawthorn Arts Centre). Over the 46 years of Glenferrie Rotary, the club has met at various venues, some of which are the Hawthorn Football Club Social Club, the former Manresa Function Centre (now Billy Lids), and since 2010 the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. When not in lockdowns, both the Glenferrie and Hawthorn clubs hold their meetings on Tuesdays at the tennis club, Hawthorn meets at lunchtime and Glenferrie in the evenings. Preferred meeting time is often a deciding factor as to which club to join.

Richard explains, “the [Glenferrie] club is thriving. It currently has 43 active members and nine honorary members. Last year it inducted six new members and currently has 22 prospective new members on its list”. There is no geographic limit on membership, many live and work in the surrounding suburbs but oftentimes joined whilst living in the area and have retained their membership despite relocating. Rotary members range in age and background, “diversity is a key objective”, mainly looking for “people of good character who have initiative and who want to make a positive contribution to the community”. The club encourages those interested to attend at least three meetings to see if Rotary and in particular the Glenferrie Club is the right fit. Anyone can attend a meeting by invitation of a member or by contacting the club. A typical meeting will feature a guest speaker on a topic of interest to Rotarians, the local area, or general subjects, and members must attend at least 50% of meetings held.

Although Glenferrie and Hawthorn clubs collaborate on many projects, the main difference between the atmosphere at each club is the projects that they engage in. Over the 46 years of Glenferrie Rotary, the club has implemented and been a part of many community service projects on a local, state, national and international level. Ongoing projects include Sumba Eye Program, CHANCES Scholarship Program, and the Boroondara Farmers’ Market which is the club’s major fundraiser held on the first, third, and fifth Saturday of each month.

On 21 November 2021, in celebration of 100 years of Rotary in Australia, Glenferrie Rotary in association with the clubs of Camberwell, Canterbury, and Hawthorn will host a Family Fun Day at Yarra Bank Reserve (44 Creswick Street, Hawthorn). The free event will include live music, face painting, a sausage sizzle, and the opening of an interactive playground and sculpture, a “gift to the community from Rotary .... to mark the 100th anniversary”.

Camberwell Sunday Market Roster: Oct 21 - Mar 22
Dear Camberwell Rotary Members & Friends,
Please refer to the Roster above, and thank you to those volunteers who have us covered through to the 12th December.
I have highlighted in red the days that urgently require volunteers (including Boxing Day), as well as in yellow for the rest of January 2022. I also need volunteers through to (at least) the end of March 2022. So please kindly check your diaries and generously volunteer to fill up those vacant time slots.
Thank you.
Jo-Anne Tamlyn (Camberwell Sunday Market Roster Coordinator)
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