Did you know that ClubRunner has a convenient and powerful module where members can compose and send emails? The benefit of this module is not only ease and convenience, but the emails are securely stored as a permanent and accessible record of "outgoing club communications". Note that this module does not receive emails, it's only outgoing.
To start, simply click on the Home Page Member Area button (top right hand corner), then click on Communication on the Blue Menu Bar, then click on Email Services on the White Menu bar. You can also go via the Home Page Members' Services/My ClubRunner and click on Email Message Centre on the White Menu Bar. Both methods take you to the Club Communication screen (see below):
To create a new email, click on the orange Compose New Message button.
Additionally, I have highlighted three other buttons: Show My Emails Only does just that, shows all the emails you have sent using ClubRunner, and is the default. Depending on your Access Level, you can also Show All Emails. You can also view Deleted as well as Active emails, Active is the default. 
But let's concentrate on Composing a New Message:
When you click on the Orange Compose New Message button you see the Create Email screen. This is where the magic happens: just follow the Five Steps:
Step 1: Select the Recipients
  • Various Groups of Members and Contacts are listed. The most commonly used are “Active and Honorary Members”, “Contact Groups” for eg Bulletin Subscribers, and if you have Executive Access “Club Executives & Directors (Current Year)" to select District-wide Presidents and Executives
  • You can also create a “Custom Distribution List” for frequently-used email groups such as Board Members, Committee Members etc. These will appear in "Custom Distribution Lists"
  • Ticking the tick box will select all contacts within that group; the “+” sign will expand the group into its various sections; the blue “Expand” link will show each individual contact in that particular group. Tick those contacts you want to receive your email
Step 2: Enter your Email Subject and Message
  • Enter the Subject as you would normally do. Then start writing your email; the Recipient Fast Field default is $FIRST_NAME$ $LAST_NAME$
  • There are both System and Custom Templates that can be used – click on the “Select Template” button to view the available System and Custom Templates. Templates are used for specifically-targeted emails (eg calling for Volunteers, sending an Invitation etc)
  • The email can be populated with other Fast Fields such as $NICK_NAME$, $SPOUSE_FIRST_NAME$ etc. More Fast Fields can be added using the Recipient, Sender and Account options (the Fast Field is inserted after the cursor)
  • A Custom Email Signature can be created in My ClubRunner/My Profile/Settings – this will then appear automatically in any email you subsequently create
Step 3: Upload Attachments to your Email
  • Click on “Select Files for Upload” if required. More than one attachment can be made
Step 4: Choose Your Email Options and Send
  • At this stage, it is strongly recommended to use the “Send to Myself” blue button, so you receive the email with attachments for final proof reading and layout checking
  • Usually you do not include a link to list the recipients
  • Tick the "Copy me on this Email” checkbox if you are sending an email that does not include you in the Recipient List - so you have a copy for your personal records
Step 5: Send or Schedule
  • "Send Right Now" sends immediately
  • "Schedule" allows you to schedule a future day and time for the email to be sent
This Create Email functionality is not only for composing and sending emails of a general nature, the same process is followed to generate emails specifically for Events (Invitation to register and pay for weekly Dinner Meetings and other functions) and Volunteer Signups (for the Hawthorn Makers Market, the Camberwell Art Show, Bunnings Sausage Sizzles etc). As I say, it's a very powerful and useful tool.
So that's it. As always, if you need assistance or guidance, please don't hesitate to contact me - and see if you can send me a test email!
Murray Anderson, Vice President