RORP - a funny acronym, but one which represents a new exciting service project for Camberwell Rotary.
RORP stands for Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds, and the theory is this: councils, schools and other institutions replace playgrounds on a regular basis, and the old ones are sent to landfill - a terrible waste and bad for the environment. While many of the playgrounds are old and towards the end of their life, they would be welcomed by underprivileged overseas communities. The RORP project involves one or more Rotary Clubs working together with the council or school, mapping, photographing and numbering all the components before they are disassembled. The disassembled components are then transferred to the Donations in Kind warehouse to be containerised and shipped overseas. 
A win for the institution (they don't have to pay for landfill/tip fees), a win for the recipient community, and a big win for the environment.
It's a Community Service project and John Walmsley is our primary contact. Volunteers from the club will always be needed when a playground is to be harvested, so when you get the call, please say yes!